Ever heard of Dave Ramsey? He’s got some great ways to change money habits. His “baby steps” are intentionally designed for long term change. His focus is on financial issues, but the disciplines you build while working toward financial goals will affect your WHOLE life. He’s also got some excellent materials for use with kids. As a family we have used many of his materials and listened to many of his podcasts. Check his resources out at:

Here’s another resource for change. This one focuses on participation, cooperation and attitudes within the family unit. If your family is struggling with any of those issues, be sure to check this out:

Although we haven’t used this specific program, we have used many similar ideas within our family. This particular program sounds like it is a fun addition to daily family life!

Here’s the thing: CHANGE doesn’t come without….CHANGE! How are you going to choose change, face change, and follow through with change? If you, as an adult, are having problems with change, imagine how hard it is for the rest of your family. Openly setting and sharing goals is a necessary first step. We all need encouragement and accountability if change is going to stick. Pick one thing to change today, then make the effort to do change together!

A New Plan for the New Year


Our life group at church has been experimenting with a “new” way to learn together.  (It is really probably an “old” way!)  It is a “pattern” that can be used within the family, the neighborhood, and the small group.  When we gather together, we invite/expect everyone to bring something to the gathering.  Sometimes we team up, other times what we bring is individual.  We have a coordinator that sends out a theme and verse, each time including a list of possible delivery methods for our thoughts and reminding us of the time limits we have set.  Before the gathering the coordinator orders and sends out what everyone has said they plan to do.  We have found it valuable in getting to know ourselves, each other, and how we can better communicate.  We also share a meal, so we have another coordinator for that.  With everyone preparing in advance, we also have some great discussions during our meals.

What new thing are you planning on doing that will challenge and grow you and others?

Here is a sample of one of our lesson plans.  Feel free to use this idea!

Another Christmas Idea


There are things that you would like to give for Christmas that cannot be wrapped in a box, things like love, peace, or a helping hand.  For years, one of the first things we did on Christmas morning was to draw a picture of what we wanted to give Jesus on his birthday.  For those things that you cannot wrap, draw a picture and share it with that special someone.

You could also make a coupon:

Or, use hot crayon art for your picture:


Christmas idea…

December 9, 2019

Here is an idea for the Christmas holidays:  Ask each person in your family or each person that you meet, “What is your favorite Christmas ornament?  Why is it your favorite?”  You might be surprised at the answers!

Make these tasty granola bars for a holiday treat:
Granola Bar Recipe


November 25, 2019

What brings your family JOY?  The answer to this question will be different for each family.  Two things come quickly to mind for our family: doing things together and music.  When our family gets together at Thanksgiving we do games and puzzles and have music “jam” sessions.  We all bring games and puzzles to share.  For music, we try to send music to each other ahead of time (we are partial to southern gospel music) and all bring musical instruments to share.  For some families, gathering to watch a football game may be their “joy”.  For others, it may be a hike.  As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, make note of what your family “joy” is and be thankful for it.  You may even want to make plans to celebrate your family “joy” more often.  Of course, don’t forget the good food!

Here’s one of Grandma’s “thankful” skits:
Ode to my physical therapist

And, if you think you are thankful for “stuff”, check out this prayer:
The Lord’s Prayer