I come from a puzzling family, in more ways than one!  But then, you do too.  Life is a puzzle and we all have skills in different areas of how to put things together.  Grandpa says one of my skills is process, how to get from A to D.  Working a process puzzle can be “hands on” (making samples and working through trial and error) or it can be a mental exercise.
Although we might be blessed at birth with an advantage in this area, process puzzling skills can be practiced and learned.  How?…by following and/or making directions or working through the concept of sequencing.  We still have a set of sequencing puzzle cards.  By putting 12 pictures in order, you have to think about what happens during: a day at the beach; an autumn day in the yard; a day of house painting; and a day in the snow.  You probably don’t need sequence cards to talk about what you do first when you clean your room or make your bed, but you could make some if that helps get the task done.  Some processes might be variable.  What do you eat first and why?  Some processes are more fixed.  Do you straighten the bedspread before or after you straighten the sheets?
Think, learn, and teach skills about process.  Ask yourself questions as to why you do things in the order you do.  Talk with your family about their various daily tasks and chores with a focus on process.
Working on Draw with Grandma helped me a whole lot with the process of drawing.  What comes first, the foreground or the background?  The skills of following directions and sequencing are also strengthened as we draw together.  If you’d like to see some samples, go to this link and scroll down.