As I’ve said, I come from a puzzling family!  One of the things we puzzle about is people.  My Dad was a minister.  One of his jobs was involving and putting people together toward a common goal or mission.  As most of us are not hermits, we practice the skills needed for putting people puzzles together every day.

We have a lemon tree that produces abundantly.  When the family gets together during lemon harvesting time, we have to decide who does what.  Lemons need to be picked and the tree is usually pruned back at the same time.  Buckets of lemons need to be transported and washed.  Lemons need to be cut and placed so they can quickly be squeezed.  Some lemons need to be “zested”.  Garbage needs to be taken out and juice needs to be packaged and frozen.  We’ve found that there is a place for everyone from toddler to grandparent on “Lemon Day”.  Knowing the process is different from knowing where to place the people in the process.

Think, learn, and teach some skills about the placement of people in your life’s puzzle.  Ask yourself questions as to why you ask certain people for specific things.  Talk with your family about their various daily tasks and chores with a focus on the people who assist them.
One way to practice your people skills is to write and perform a skit.  Who is best for which roles?  The link below might give you some ideas.