One of the hardest things in life is puzzling over how words and ideas fit together.  Writers throughout the ages have taken their time looking for just the right words to convey their thoughts and emotions.  Philosophers have struggled with how to put ideas together.  The rest of us “normal” people try to understand those who seem to know all the answers.

Learning how to think, how to put idea pieces together, is a life-long process.  But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t intentionally practice or teach it.  The struggle starts early with things like:

Why should I eat something I don’t want to eat?  How do I communicate that?
Why should I stop doing something that I think is fun?

The struggle continues for us as we grow:

How do my thoughts about pro-life, the death penalty,
and the homeless fit together?
What do I say to someone who has hurt me?

Think, learn, and teach some skills about the words/ideas in your life’s puzzle.  Ask yourself questions as to why you think your words/ideas are valid.  Talk with your family about their words/ideas with a focus on how they fit or don’t fit with other words/ideas and why.

As we work to put our own words/ideas together with other’s words/ideas, we really need to watch our attitude.  Perhaps one way to be more aware is to play the BEATITUDE bingo game.  You’ll find it here, along with other BEATITUDE lessons and activities.