How can a LONG TIME seem so SHORT?

Like…growing up.  There is a reason that we take pictures and make memory books.  So much happens in so few years!  As you prepare to celebrate the coming holidays, I hope you are ready to celebrate the people and milestones around you.  Such wonderful gifts!

This year, I would like to celebrate the concept of family stories.  We all have them…the ones we smile at and the ones that bring tears to our eyes.  It is so important to pass them on!

With much JOY, I want to acknowledge the concept of family stories with a NEW BOOK.  It is called “WORM CAKES”.  In its 79 pages, “WORM CAKES” covers the life of “Cassie” from the age of 2 until her first child’s 2nd birthday.  It is still a children’s book, filled with colorful pictures and recipes, but one that is meant to grow with you over the years as you celebrate milestones together.

This holiday season, ask for stories and enjoy listening to them.  If you’ve heard them before, ask questions that take you and the storyteller deeper into your family’s history.  Learning from the past will help build your future.