Plant a garden

April showers bring May flowers…and June or July veggies!

We haven’t had a garden in YEARS!  The yard in our first house was full of fruit trees and vegetable garden as that is how I grew up.  Grandpa’s parents always had a garden too.  Once the kids were in college and we began traveling a lot, gardening didn’t work for us.  We’d plant and water, then everything would go to seed while we were away from home.  This year is different.  Our traveling days are pretty much over and we’ve adopted a dog that ties us down.  So, I’ve got seedlings on my windowsill awaiting a few more weeks before they are transplanted into a sunny spot by our garage.

Having the kids start a garden is a really good idea.  Watering and weeding are good for teaching responsibility and picking and eating are a tasty reward.  A garden can be a whole yard, or just a few pots.  Here’s one we did with our local grandchild several year ago:

Get those seed started now!