Does anyone else remember the days of NOTES rather than TEXTS?  Although I admit I am not good at either, I do have a family legacy of communication.  My dad learned from his father to send a weekly letter updating the family news.  (Perhaps that was common with the big families of olden days?)  There is something about handwritten communication that pulls at the heart and brings people together.  Of course, when email came into being, it became much less expensive and quicker to digitize communication, especially over the miles.  But what about those who are near us?  What about those in our own home?  A note hidden in a pocket, included in a lunch box, or left on a mirror or pillow are great ways to express our thoughts.  For young kids, discovering a drawn heart or happy face can make a big difference in their day.  Here’s a note we got recently:

“Parents deserve to earn time and a half.
There must be times you just sit back and laugh.
I’m glad I can call you when I make a gaffe.
The ways kids goof up, you can’t choreograph!
You put all the notes where they go on the staff.
Hope this card shows true gratefulness on my behalf.”

There are many ways to express your thoughts and encourage others.  The important thing is to DO IT!
For your inspiration, here’s a link to a song I wrote and sang to my physical therapist.