April 15, 2019

When our kids were little, Daddy brought home a HUGE cardboard box from work. It was about 4’X6’, about 1” thick, and the bottom edge was reinforced with wood slats. It had protected something really big and heavy. We weren’t very creative with it. A little folding and duct-taping of the top and a bit of cutting on the sides and we had a really neat playhouse. The kids helped us paint it and it lasted a whole season of backyard neighborhood play. I’m sharing this memory because our neighbors recently asked if we had any big boxes. They have since made a rocket ship for their son to enjoy. What a creative treat!

For younger kids, your creative work will provide hours of creative play. For older kids, being challenged to make something out of boxes can provide hours of creative thought and practice working together. Older kids can also be challenged to share their creation/s with younger kids. It is not that long before you will need a great summer project, so begin saving and asking for boxes now. You can usually fold them flat until needed.