April 29, 2019

We recently talked to a “grandpa” who gave us some new ideas about treasure boxes.  Each time he visits his grandchildren he takes along a “treasure box”.  (Between visits he refills the treasure box.)  What goes into his box?….mementos from the past.  During each visit he tells the story behind his mementos.  Sometimes he lets each grandchild choose a memento to keep.  Sometimes he hides things in the mementos for a surprise.

I always recommend that grandparents have a treasure box or treasure drawer.  It should be kept filled with things that are precious as well as things that are “junk”.  When you have a moment with your grandchildren, either in person or via technology, the treasure box gives you an option of pulling something out and talking about it.  What is it?  What is it made of?  What shapes/colors do you see?  Where did it come from?  Does it have personal meaning?  What could/should we do with it?  Too often we don’t interact because we don’t have anything to talk or think about.  Having a filled treasure box around helps fill that need.

The “TREASURE BOX” in Grandma’s book is used a bit differently.  It is filled with things that once were lost, but now are found.  The story takes place in a school classroom, so it makes a great “thank you” present for a teacher.  It can also be used as a springboard for a discussion on taking better care of your “stuff”.  You can find “Treasure Box” here: