Make a plan for family visits

April 1, 2019

Sharing responsibilities is good for leadership, character, and skill development.  We recently spent a long time with our whole family together.  This wasn’t a brief vacation but was a much longer transition situation.  During this time we could have spoiled some of us while overworking others.  Instead, we organized our days so that we each participated.  The form we used is below.  Most days it worked well and the kids were eager to take on their chosen responsibilities.  Your list may look different than this one.  Ours changes too because of time and place situations.

Yes, vacations and together times should include some “spoiling” for each of us.  But, take the time and forethought to build more teamwork with those around you.

Family Activities Chart

Grandma’s latest book highlights how a family with young children can organize and share their day together.  You can find “Two-zle Day” here: