covid isolation

It has been a quiet month at our house.  I was the first to come down with the current covid virus, with Grandpa coming down the following week.  God granted us that timing so that we could take care of each other.  It isn’t very hard for 2 old people to lay around and watch tv while sick.  We were in our own home and had the help of our neighbors and nearby family.

The bigger challenge was for our kids and grands this last month.  They were “confined to quarters” for about 2 weeks when they were all healthy.  What do you do when isolated in 2 hotel rooms, away from home, with no room service, and you are not sick?  Fortunately, they were able to order take-out food.  They also had the internet, tv, and some books. But, they were “bouncing off the walls” mentally and physically.  They did crafts from the odds and ends of things found in hotel rooms and created games with materials that the take-out food was packed in.   Weekly devotions became daily devotions.  Exercise became jogging in place, pushups, and wrestling matches.

What have we learned?  First, it does take time to regain physical strength after covid.  Second, we can (and should!) be more adaptable than we want to be.  Third, we are very blessed to be able to grow through challenges.

What would you do if life as you know it was interrupted?  One of my favorite book series is “The Restoration Series” by Terri Blackstock.  It consists of 4 books: “The Last Light” – “Night Light” – “True Light” – “Dawn’s Light”.  These are not children’s books.  They are adult novels that challenge me as they deal with circumstances beyond our control that interrupt our pampered lifestyle.  For those of you who want more than that, you’ll also find some romance and murder mysteries in these books.