Let them shop

Grandpa and I have been selling mygrandmatime materials and Grandma’s crafts at local farmers’ markets.  This summer a group of day care kids and their leader came into our booth.  It was obviously a planned outing.  Parents had given each of the kids $5 to spend.  “What do you have for $5?” was the question of the day as they entered each booth.  Many of the produce vendors offered them samples of their products.  We were able to give the kids free bracelet kits after giving them a “tour” of products under $5.  A few said, “I wish this was $5.”  They were all well behaved, curious, and respectful.  As the kids walked back toward their car, I heard one of them say “We are RICH kids!”  Their leader agreed with them.

What are your kids learning about money?  What would they spend their $5 on?  How would they interact in a sales environment?  What opportunities are you giving them to learn?
You might find some helpful resources here as you learn and teach about money: