August 19, 2019

We have “old” friends who are having health issues and are stressed with the daily details and choices involved, yet they hesitate to involve even their local children with their needs.  We have grown far to independent in our culture.  Think about it.  How do you want your grandchildren to take care of their parents (your children) when they are old or sick?  We are setting examples for our children’s children on how to care for others.  We need to live a humble example of both giving and receiving help and living our lives together.  We NEED TO ask and invite others into our lives before our NEEDS become too great for us to handle.  And, of course, we NEED TO be grateful as well.

It has been said that we both begin life and end life dependent on others.  The truth is that we are always dependent, regardless of our age or life circumstances.  It is just easier to be content when we are little tots and life seems simple.  Let’s keep that child’s heart for simplicity to compliment the other life lessons that we have accumulated.