April 27, 2019

What do you do when a 7 year old asks you to teach him how to knit a hat?  I’m rather crafty and I have done some (very little!) knitting, so this is something I could do myself.  But I wanted to be sure that my grandson could be successful, so I looked for a simpler option.  With a little research, I found that you can “loom” a knit hat.  After getting a set (4) of looms and the materials needed, I made a sample of each size of hat to be sure I knew how to do it.  The 4 looms worked out perfectly for me as I was staying with 4 grandchildren at the time and, of course, they all wanted to participate.  Even the 4 year old was able to loom!  I did have to do the finish work for all of them.  That was 2 years ago.  One of our grandchildren who didn’t get a chance to make a hat back then recently made his first one.  He was so excited about doing it that he taught his mom to make one for herself.

You can find the looms we used here:

Here are the video instructions that I found most helpful:

Our grandchildren ask us all the time to do things that they are not quite capable of doing successfully on their own.  It is our job to know when they need a challenge or when we need to find a simpler solution.  Our answer to their request does not always need to be “wait until you are older”.