recycle AGAIN

June 10, 2019
We have plenty of things to clean up and recycle at our house.  When we were cleaning out the garage, our oldest grandson found some smaller plywood circles that were leftover from cutting out the bases for our jigsaw puzzle wreaths.  He asked if he could do a project with them.  We agreed, IF he would do some planning and show it to us on paper.  Then, he could have whatever supplies from the garage and whatever help he might need from us.  He did all the planning and sanding himself.  He used up several old cans of spray paint and dipped his brush into some other leftover paint.  I made him a “circle brush” out of an old sponge.  Grandpa helped him secure the pieces together and put a hanger on the back.  Between paint and “elbow grease”, it took him about 3 days of work.  We now have a lovely custom sculpture that hangs in our garage.  What do you think it looks like?

Our granddaughter wanted to get some work in too, so she drew out several designs on paper, found and cleaned rocks, primed them, and then drew her designs on the rocks.  Those are now “hidden jewels” that I find when I go out to weed and water.

We have been working on house cleaning/updating and are currently still working through the garage.  Our grandson and granddaughter did these projects while one or both of us were out there working along side of them, but not on their projects.  It was a great way to bond, encourage, AND clean.  What wonderful project awaits you in your garage/shed?