Is OLDER better?


From time to time, we all look back on our lives and the things we have done.  Sometimes we look back with amazement, pride, and gratitude.  More often than not, we look back wishing for a “do-over.”  (Ever notice how kids immediately want a new piece of paper when they feel they have made even a small mistake?)  Sometimes our values have changed, giving way to regret or joy.  Sometimes our abilities and resources have changed, giving us the desire and opportunity to do things differently.

We started a “Draw with Grandma” series 9 years ago when I wanted to learn how to draw and share my growing skills and interests with our grandchildren.  I have learned a lot over those 9 years, but the goal to share and learn with others has not changed.  What has changed are the tools that are available.  Old cameras and living room walls have given way to newer sound equipment, a better camera, lighting, and a green screen.  Much of the content remains the same:  the alphabet, shapes, colors, learning about what we are drawing, and an old grandma.  Newer technology helps put it in a different package.  Here is one of one of our latest “Draw with Grandma” videos:

D is for Duck

(This one, along with many of the other “Draw” pictures, makes a cute T-shirt!)

After viewing, take a look at any of the earlier videos that are samples on our website. (Think early in the alphabet because we went through it in order.)  You should see a big change.  The content in all the “Draw” videos is good and valuable for learning and enjoying.  We will continue to add to the “Draw” collection from time to time, and may even find time to update some of the older ones with newer technology.  But, we have no regrets over the blessing that these videos have been to our family and many others.

“Do-overs” with people are much harder.  Take the time to get things right with people now.