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I highly recommend priceless gifts because they build relationships! I’ve received many such gifts, both as a mom and as a grandma. I’ve included several FREE “coupons” that you can print, fill out with your choice of a “priceless” gift, and include in your own card. OR click here to find some of Grandma’s cards.

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Priceless gift ideas include:
A refrigerator cleaning; A dog walk;
Vacuum floors; Garage cleaning;
Window cleaning; Dust for cobwebs;
Cook a dessert; Clean out the freezer;
Organize a cupboard/closet;
Help with tax forms/process;
Prune/trim the yard; Wash dishes;
Sweep or shovel the sidewalks;
Care for animals when gone;
Fold the clothes; Car Wash;
Haircut; A hug or a backrub;
Dusting; Lawn mowing;
Clean a bathroom; Cook a meal;
Go grocery shopping; Give a ride;
Organize/scrapbook the pictures;
Clean the carpets/floors; Weed the yard;
Play “fixit man” for a day;
Care for yard/plants when gone;
Do laundry; Walk/drive kids to school;
Car vacuum/detail;
Play time for the kids (and free time for mom and dad!);
Change the batteries in the smoke detectors;
Clean up the computer/desk/filing cabinet;
If you have more priceless ideas, please email me
and we’ll share those with others too!

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