We all have faults

We’ve just spent some time with my mom.  My mom is a “together” woman.  At almost 96 years old she still has a sound mind, a joyful spirit, and a determined attitude to serve those around her with love and grace despite any physical challenges.  We have a hard time getting her to let us cook or clean or do the dishes when we are at her house.  Yet, she has failings.  One of them is that she usually forgets to put napkins on the table.  It is one of our long-term family “jokes” to comment on that.  We celebrate when she remembers and smile together when she doesn’t.  We also get up to get the napkins if she’s already settled into her seat.

I think I have more failings than my mom, and they are growing and expanding with age.  Laughing through them reminds us that we are all human.  We all have faults to work through and our public acknowledgement of them can bring the support and help of our family and the community around us.  It is good for our kids to see us joyfully and humbly admitting to them.