The reasons I usually “upcycle” are:

convenience-because it is there, so why not?
challenge-it is fun to be creative
crucial-something else is needed

Here’s another reason:

community-to build relationships.

One way to build relationships is to do the upcycling together.  A project done together can bring the benefits of a new item and a deeper relationship.  (I realize that not everyone is this way, but my relationships deepen when “doing together” is part of them.)  The other way to build relationships is to use the upcycled item together.  I have recently made a video of two upcycling (fabric scrap) projects that you can share.  The potholders can be used as you work together in the kitchen and the bathtub buddies will enable you to talk and play in, out, or around your daily cleaning or bathing activities.

Let’s keep our eyes, heads, hands, and hearts aware, so that we can make the most of the things and relationships around us!