November 25, 2019

What brings your family JOY?  The answer to this question will be different for each family.  Two things come quickly to mind for our family: doing things together and music.  When our family gets together at Thanksgiving we do games and puzzles and have music “jam” sessions.  We all bring games and puzzles to share.  For music, we try to send music to each other ahead of time (we are partial to southern gospel music) and all bring musical instruments to share.  For some families, gathering to watch a football game may be their “joy”.  For others, it may be a hike.  As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, make note of what your family “joy” is and be thankful for it.  You may even want to make plans to celebrate your family “joy” more often.  Of course, don’t forget the good food!

Here’s one of Grandma’s “thankful” skits:
Ode to my physical therapist

And, if you think you are thankful for “stuff”, check out this prayer:
The Lord’s Prayer