Tell a story

July 8, 2019

Being able to tell a story is an important communication skill.  Although some people seem to come by storytelling naturally, most of us develop the skill through reading and practice.  When our grandchildren were young, our daughter-in-law encouraged our family’s storytelling tradition by writing a simple story, using props and costumes that were available to act it out.  We were able to record that as a video.  Since then, we have done two more videos of stories that our family has put together.  If you watch them in order, you will be watching our grandchildren grow up.  Our 3 videos are here:

Practicing storytelling can be as simple as asking a child who cannot read to tell you the story in a book while looking at the pictures.  It can be asking a person to tell something about their day.  As we grow in skill and anticipation of telling a story, we look at the world around us in a different way.  We also learn about cause and effect when we think about how a story ends.  So, if you want to improve communication of your values, work together on storytelling skills.