Plan ahead!

What will your summer be like?

“Be prepared” is a good idea, even for those of us who are not scouts.  If we have any idea of what may be coming, we should assemble the resources and skills that are needed so we can be helpful and successful.  “Be prepared” covers everything from the simple to the complex.

The simple:  When putting together a jigsaw puzzle wreath, put aside the pieces that will work well on the final round.

The complex:  Keep a well-stocked pantry in case of unexpected company or a disaster.

So, you know that summer is coming.  It is a good time to ask yourself, “What are my expectations for the coming months?”  If you are going to have company or special family times, it is a good time to ask others what their expectations are.  Begin making plans now for ways to expand and deepen relationships.

Here’s one idea to think about that can be adapted to both young and old.  Gardening, whether a potted plant or an entire plot, is a good way to GROW together.  Why not learn about food and responsibility while planting, watering, weeding, picking, and cooking your own produce?

This video shows one way to do that, even with a young child.