As we head towards Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and family gatherings memories of the past erupt in our hearts.  My mom recently sent me a picture of her mom, my grandmother, holding me.  (Yes, I’m the bald and chubby baby in the picture!) This is the grandma that accompanied her youngest living child (my mom) to college and then continued to live with my parents after they married.  My grandma was a part of our daily lives until her death when I was 12.  She inspired me, at a young age, to enjoy so many things!!!  She showed me that it was possible to be a grandma that loves and encourages not only her grandchildren but her adult children as well.  It is a privilege to have that kind of model in my life.

Although I fall far short of the ideal “grandma” of my childhood memories, I continue to pursue the dream of providing encouragement and love to my children and grandchildren.  I pray that you will also grow in your ability to love and encourage those around you.  Is it time to get out the family picture albums and talk through memories?

By the way, my mom has followed in the footsteps of her mom very well!  I am VERY blessed!