Is a mask helpful in reducing your chances of getting sick?  Yes!  But we have found most of the benefit comes from not touching your mouth or nose.  Our hands are constantly on things, including our faces, and it is often our hands that transfer germs.  Wearing a mask on a regular basis can help teach new physical habits.  Do you chew your pencil when you do your homework?  Or, do you chew your fingernails when you watch TV?  A mask can help with that.  If you wear a mask often enough, you may catch yourself trying to eat with it on.  That happened to Grandpa just a few days ago when we were finally able to eat out at the mall.

Grandpa trying to eat a cookie with his mask on.

Your family challenge is to make some kind of mask.  You can see from the photo below (yes, real people on the subway!) that people can get very creative when it comes to safety masks.  Your masks do not have to be safety masks, but if they are you may want to use a pattern like this one which my wonderful neighbor sent me:

On a practical note, I would add a place for a metal twist tie from the kitchen drawer.  Insert it right over where you would put your nose.  This will give shape around the nose and help keep the mask in place.
After you have made your masks, take pictures and share those pictures with friends and family.  You could vote to see whose mask you like the best, or which one is the scariest, or most creative, or….???

Bottle mask in China on the subway.