A “new” scavenger hunt

I love talking to grandparents!  They give me so many ideas on how to relate to and grow their grandchildren.  One recent idea was to do a scavenger hunt.  This takes some advance preparation if you are going to ensure both safety and success.  Check out things that the kids can look for and find within a limited area.  Give a list of those things to the kids and clarify the area in which they can be found.  (A “picture list” could be used for younger children who cannot read.)  Ask the kids to take a picture of the items rather than pick them up to bring them back to you. This works well as most kids know how to operate a cell phone camera.  Because none of the items is touched or moved, each child has the opportunity to find all the items.  You may want to set a time limit…or not.  You can also help, give hints, or even take the actual pictures for a younger child.  As the planner, you can place items to be “found” and/or you can put items natural to the environment on the list.  Once you’ve played this challenge out, turn the organization of the next round of play over to the kids.  Let them make the list and determine the area and have you find the items on the list.  Better yet, try this “game” with their friends and neighbors!