A “song/skit” for welcoming others to your gathering and encouraging them to fill out an information/welcome card.

4 singers with optional 50’s dress or sunglasses. Choreography is encouraged!
The “introduction” can be done by a person up front, or over the sound system.


And here they are….You’re favorite and mine….The Bumdowahs!

Won’t, won’t, won’t you please
fill out one of these little cards
so that we don’t have to work so hard
to know that you are near?

This, this, this other part
is where you can share your heart
so that we can really be
one big sharing family.

We’ll pray and praise with you!

words c. 2009 mygrandmatime
Permission is granted for your own non-profit use.

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tags: singing church welcome, welcome skit, fill out the card pitch, fifties song adaptation, fun welcome,

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