Grandma’s skits

A monologue of a man getting dressed for his grandfather’s memorial service.
A reminder that it is not our exterior that looks like those we honor, but it is our heart that shows
and carries on likeness. Use this skit as a reminder that our likeness to Jesus is growing inside of us and is
not a surface thing.
Use as a father’s day skit; etc.
Some people spend their time “bodybuilding” rather than playing in the game.
Use this skit as an opportunity to have a discussion about debt.
The Savior turns our difficult lives into abundant lives when we follow Him.
A series of skits that could be used as part of a church-wide campaign highlighting needs, talents, & interests in service opportunities.
A musical "thank you" to someone who helps by urging us to improve.
A series of 10 simple skits, one for each of the commandments.
It's fun to pretend together. Here are some of our examples.
The Husband is at a table reading newspaper and the wife is sitting at the same table talking “with” him about life’s problems. She decides to try and get his attention.
A TV show illustrates that what we love is evident to others.
A song/skit that shows how hard it is for us to work together and how easy it is for us to complain.
Balaam and the Donkey
City of refuge; God’s pursuit of us; Church’s role in reconciliation;
Learning how to pray and finding out that God is near.
How we treat people makes a difference when it is God’s heart that we are passing along.
What might people might see and do when God blesses them? How can God’s children be a witness of God’s goodness?
A skit about following Jesus.
An object lesson based on the Bible story of the 12 spies.
A short skit based on the song "My Name is Lazarus" by Rodney Griffin
A skit about self-control vs. God control; patience; God's timing; being blessed to be a blessing.
A “skit/song” for welcoming others to your gathering and encouraging them to fill out an information/welcome card.
A "selfish" adaptation of the Lord's Prayer that includes study materials for both small groups and families.
A "guessing poem to use before you give/get the gift of a beanbag.
How many ways in our lives do we say “yes” or “no”? Do we need to think about how we are saying “yes” or “no” to others? To God?
Can you write a story or a poem about something you have seen?
This skit uses Jesus as an example of how we should respond to opportunities.
An object lesson that uses rulers to help us measure LOVE through God's eyes.
We get too wrapped up in ourselves and do not understand that we ALL need grace. God’s “grace coupon” is available to us all!
Do you qualify to be a disciple? Attend the job fair, fill out an application, and find out.
A monologue based on Luke 9:1-6
A simple, modern day story to illustrate the greed in Luke 12.
An "on the spot" participation skit and simple follow up lesson based on Luke 4:14-30
A monologue by a demanding wife followed by a letter from God - based on Luke 11:46
The devil often tempts us into a “pickle”- based on Luke 14:7-11
A prayer reflecting on hope lost and hope found

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