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English is hard!

Isn’t English hard?  It can be so frustrating to try to understand!

Isn’t English funny?  Sometimes you just have to laugh at it!
This was a “thought for the day” from Mikey’s funnies (
“I before E … except when your foreign neighbor Keith receives eight counterfeit, beige sleighs from feisty caffeinated weightlifters.”

If you or your child or your neighbor is interested in learning how to begin reading English, check out Grandma’s products here:


How are your spelling skills?  I have found it challenging and fun to draw a picture of something using the letters in its name.  I started doing this several years ago when a class I volunteered in needed to spell “Leprechaun.”  I’ve done several more spelling pictures since.  Here’s an easy one for you to try:


Sometimes I try to “doodle” an idea.  This one came from the phrase “Trash to treasure.”  Can you find the letters “T-r-a-s-h” in my doodles?

Our family has always enjoyed the “hidden pictures” in the Highlights Magazine. This is variation on that idea.  If you are looking for a game, challenge, or learning activity for your child, family, or group… ILLUSTRATE!

English is hard!

October 28, 2019

School has started and by now you should know if your child/grandchild needs help with reading English.  English is hard, but it can be fun!
When our grandchildren were young and overseas we started a “Let’s Read Together” series.  It is designed for both English speaking learners, ages 4+, and non-English speaking learners of all ages.  It is also designed to be a “together” experience that is fun.

Click on the picture below to see one of our “chants”.

In the books there are sentences with pictures to illustrate meaning.  As more words are learned, the sentences turn into short stories.  Resources are available: chants for all the basic sounds; word slides; bingo and match games; picture crossword and word search puzzles for practice and repetition; and challenges to look for smaller words in bigger words.
The first volume, based on the vowel A, was completed several years ago.  The second volume, based on the vowel E, is now available as well.  Both the A series and the E series and the growing resources that go with them can be found here:

Learn to Read with Grandma

We have also upgraded our membership website to include all of the resources that go with Grandma’s reading series, as well as the “Draw with Grandma” video series.  The cost for our membership site is quite reasonable:  $5/month or $30 for a lifetime membership.

Grandma’s Membership Site

Is this something you can use to not only build academics and opportunities, but also relationships with kids or with other adults?
AND…we encourage you to volunteer in a school classroom near you.  You will be amazed at what YOU will learn!