The Farmer in the Dell

This is a traditional nursery rhyme/song that is also a game. Choose a farmer. The other players circle the farmer as they sing. The farmer chooses a wife, who joins him in the circle. The wife chooses a child, who joins them in the circle. As each players chooses the next, the number of players in the outside circle gets smaller and the number of players in the inside of the circle grows….until the Cheese stands alone. This is when all the inside players go back to the outer circle. Then the cheese becomes the next farmer as the song is repeated.

(traditional with grandma’s touch added)
The farmer in the dell (achoo)
The farmer in the dell (achoo)
Hi-ho the derry-o
The farmer in the dell (achoo)
The farmer takes a wife (Hi y’all!)
The wife takes a child (Waaa!)
The child takes a dog (Arf! Arf!)
The dog takes a cat (Meow!)
The cat takes a rat (Scritch Scratch)
The rat takes the cheese (Yum, Yum!)
The cheese stands along (Ahhhh!)

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