Math Sentence Game

Colored math cubes – in a location where the runners have to MOVE to.  (Note – We use different colors of math cubes.  You could also use sticks, rocks, beans, paper of different colors, etc.)
3 Printed sets of numbers – (or one per team in RED, BLACK, and BLUE – You can double their use by printing another set on the other side.) and math signs (included in printouts and noted under Holder) – Laminate them and cut each page into 4 pieces.
Board/paper and markers – for writing the math sentence/problem

The REFEREE – The Referee (usually the teacher) writes the clues to the math sentence on the board.  The referee says “go” or “start”.  The referee decides if the math sentence that each team writes is correct.
Example sentence options for the referee to write on the board:
____+____ = 9                                    ____-____= 3                          ____+____+____=10
____+____-____=2                 ____-____+____=7                 3+____=____                          ____- 7=____
(The teams will put cards out to match the blanks.  Each card must also have color cubes that are the same color – no two cards of the same color cubes in any math sentence- and that each math sentence must be correct.)
The referee also reminds the teams of the rules and process of the game and makes sure that the Counters write their team scores on the board after each round.
The players on each team:
(You could make nametags for each of these positions and have the students rotate position regularly.)
The Reporter – The Reporter raises their hand when the math sentence is completed and all the players are sitting in their chairs.  The reporter reads aloud the math sentence to the referee/teacher after all the teams have completed the math sentence.
The Holder – The Holder holds and places the number cards and the math signs (plus signs,  minus signs, multiply and divide and equals signs) on the table or floor in the same sentence that the referee has started.  (The cards that are not used should be neatly stacked before the team is finished.)
The Counter – The Counter watches to see if their team is first (second, third, etc.) to finish their math sentence.  (They are finished when the sentence is completed, everyone is sitting down, and the Reporter raises his/her hand.)  After all the reporters have read their math sentences, the counter puts their team score on the board.
The Runners – The Runners go from their team work area to get and return the color cubes as needed.  (Only the color cubes needed for the math sentence can be on the table when the sentence is finished.)
POINT SYSTEM:  (This system assumes 3 teams)
3 – points for being first team to have a correct math sentence  (Note that a team might be the first to complete a math sentence, but if the sentence is not correct the 2nd team may actually get 3 points if their math sentence is correct.)
2 – points for being second team to have a correct math sentence
1 – point for being the third team to have a correct math sentence
0 – points if the math sentence is not correct
PLUS an extra point for each team who has a correct math sentence that no other team had.
(Example:  Two teams have 3+2=5 and one team has 4+1=5)
So the maximum number of points for each round would be 4.
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