Individual Electronic Books

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Please note that although e-books are both inexpensive and convenient, they do not normally allow for the font variety that is offered in Grandma’s printed books.  If that makes a difference to you in learning how to read, Grandma recommends the print books which regularly mix the letter fonts so that reading and recognition of letters is more transferable between various font styles.


#1 – AT book

#2 – AN book

#3 – AD book

#4 – AM book

#5 – AS book

#6 – AB book

#7 – AP book

#8 – AG book

#9 – AX book

#10 – AW book

#11 – AY book

#12 – AR book

#13 – ALL, ACE, ASS book


E EE book cover copy

#1 E, EE book

#2 ED book

#3 ET book

#4 EN & EM book

#5 EL & ELL book

#6 EP, EF, & EX book

#7 ER & EB book

#8 EEW, EY, & EG book

#9 EK, ES, & EST book

#10 END, ENT, & ELT book

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