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The Curiosity Bag DVD $5.00
Let’s play together! When we play together we discover together and grow together. This DVD explains how to play “What’s in the bag?”. It includes directions on how to play, what materials to use, and how to make a curiousity bag. The game itself uses rhythm and rhyme as you make discoveries about what is in the bag. It is recommended for ages 5 and up.
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DVDBiscuitsfrontLet’s Cook Together – Biscuits $5.00
Eating together is an important part of life.  Sharing the cooking experience is also a wonderful way to build relationships.  In this DVD, Grandma shows you:
How to measure;
How to make biscuits by hand and by mixer;
How to make biscuits into cinnamon rolls;
How to make glaze;
How to make applesauce;
How to make gravy; and How to use leftover biscuits.
Since making this video, Grandma has learned how to make biscuits with oil too!  (use 1/2 as much oil as you do solid fat)  Grandma shares lots of little tips along the way!

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